Face The Facts Digitally!

  • How is digital communication different than other modes of communication?

Digital communication compared to other modes of communication like books and newspapers is the now/future. Research has shown that humans are communicating more  and more these days, through texts instead of phone calls and email’s instead of letters. But with this new era the strong connection people had once talking to each other on the phone or meeting in person for a business meeting is decreasing showing people not personally connecting with one another.

  • How has the Internet changed the following: (World, Society, Personal Identity, Politics, Journalism, and Truth & Knowledge).

People use the internet in everyday life creating a new source of communication and social media. With the internet, it creates many pros for its users like online business meetings as one but with its pros there are cons as well, as I will explain later but for now lets stick to the good stuff. Being a frequent user of the internet I can say I am defiantly a fan, for one thing I am using it right now to write in my blog. The new digital era makes learning a new language a click of a button and even makes communicating with a person around the world possible. Giving people the tools to learn new things from blogging to messaging a friend on Facebook gives us a way to expand our minds without stressing over it. Why? Because the computer stays in one place but gets info from around the world. Media now a days isn’t just on the TV anymore it is in the peoples phones giving  updates to a person with good news like an notification saying you have an event this week or bad news that there is a tornado warning so stay inside. Without the Internet none of these things would be possible, which seems unrealistic sense we have been growing up in the new era of technology. All though technology has advanced doesn’t mean everything the goes into the internet can be trusted or is safe. A big problem that many people face is getting their identity stolen or reading something that looks true but in fact is not a fact. People get their identities stolen everyday from social media pages like Facebook to their online banking accounts. Even though the internet is great for sources like journals and websites not everything is true, for instance Wikipedia is a well known site with facts, but when it first started anyone could type how they felt about the subject creating none factual sources sometimes. Now that we have advanced the cons aren’t as bad but anything can happen to anyone!

  • What are three of the greatest benefits from the Internet?

  1. Unlimited resources/information
  2. A volume of ways to communicate
  3. Online services and E- commerce
  • What are three of the most problematic aspects of it/challenges it presents us?

  1. Theft of personal information
  2. Social isolation
  3. Malware Threats & spam



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