Not only is digital media instantly accessible, it is now completely customizable. From Apple’s News app that allows the user to pick the types and sources of their news, to book lists on the Kindle, to music and playlists on our laptops, to our feeds on Netflix, customizable digital media has now become a way of life. We are able to represent ourselves as individuals through our media by sharing our own on social media. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have shaped the way we live, even creating some online “stars”. Is it the convenience and ability to access anything we want within seconds? Maybe it’s the the fact that we have the ability to share everything we like with our friends. Maybe it isn’t just with our friends – Digital Media has helped spark globalization and allows us to share with the world. We can read, listen, analyze, share, and compete all through digital media.

Analog media is slowly become a way of the past. Yes, there are some that still enjoy a  book with actual pages, a newspaper, or a cassette, but if you asked Generation Z what those were, I don’t think they would know. Whether we all like it or not, analog media seems like it’s going to end up in museums next to hieroglyphics and spears. article-0-165CCB8A000005DC-601_634x420



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