Just Google it

Carr in “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” talks about how the internet is making peoples attention spans a lot smaller. Now a days people can’t go more than a few minutes with out wanting to figure out a question that bothered them. Instead of taking the time to research info like reading a book or finding a newspaper article relating to a certain topic, you can just go on your phone or computer and type your question revealing the answer in seconds. Creating this type of technology does make researching things easy but at the end of the day does it make us “the people” dumber? Being dumb in some ways means “able only to transmit data to or receive data from a computer” but if you are able to comprehend the data does that make you dumb as well? The internet is saving people time with how fast it responds to your question. People are reading more than before and are also learning more because they can get sources from around the world and not just their library.


So no I don’t think we are becoming dumber but in actuality becoming smarter, gaining info that we didn’t know was there. If anything we as a society could be getting lazier to find our research but at the end it saves time. At any level of work from middle school to the real world, time isn’t always friendly when it comes to deadlines. Google is used every day, its basically part of some peoples lives but ask yourself this next time you use google, did it make you dumber or did you actually learn something?




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