Journalism 3 Ways

In “The Elements of Journalism”here are 3 articles that really stood out to me!

Inviting Viewers to Enter the Newsroom by Forrest Carr (11)

Carr in the beginning of the article is asked “What are you doing to hang on to viewers?”. The reason he was asked that is because viewers are starting to abandon local tv news. Carr didn’t have anything to really tell people besides that viewers think  they are arrogant, shallow, career-climbing cretins with no respect for anyone’s rights, feelings or human dignity which to me seems about right. To fix this problem Forrest and KGUN9-TV in Tucson, Arizona created the Viewers’ Bill of Rights. The Viewers’ Bill of Rights takes the input thats received from the audience an what there expert opinion is and makes the news more enjoyable for the audience. They were one out of two that invited viewers to give strong feedback. With the feedback it gives the people a voice in the media to set different public policies. KGUN9 with this feedback got the highest quality award from the Excellence in Journalism for their half-hour newscast.

In Crisis, Journalists relinquish Independence by Ying Chan (17) 

“As journalists, we know what is required to retain our independence. Except for causes directly related to our profession, we don’t join organizations or serve on boards. We report on protest marches and demonstrations; we don’t join them.” Chan says this because as many people like to believe they choose one side or the other not given each side a chance. Journalism can be one of or even the most stressful job because it makes a journalist think is the story he tells going to satisfy one side or another. He goes on into saying that supporting diversity is the only way to makes sure each side has its balance and not be considered bias on any means. “Journalists cannot be true believers. Rather we are perpetual sojourners, restless and undomesticated. In pursuit of stories, our paths often cross with freedom fighters, especially in situations of extreme oppression.”

Retaining Independence Isn’t Easy for Journalists by Robert Blau (18)

Blau opens up the article by saying “early in his tenure as a Chicago Bull, Michael Jordan asked reporters for a favor: He would appreciate if they wouldn’t reveal that he had a child, since he wasn’t married. Many of the writers already knew this but didn’t mention it because they didn’t want to alienate one of the greatest athletes of the century. They liked him. They wanted to be liked by him . And they needed him.” The reason he says this is because if a journalist can get a story before another one does it usually a guarantee success. People are people and everyone wants to be treated with respect so just cause you have a job at hand doesn’t mean you can’t be a grown up about it. Not only does this happen with athletes but with judges and politics. “Beyond that, there must be a sense that our job is different from those of the people we cover, that people are going to be mad at us, that comfort lies in the shared ideals and ethics of the newsroom and not at the feet of the best to play the game.”


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