There Isn’t A Write Way?

Even though both part one and part two of On Writing Well by William Zinsser are short they are filled with different tips to further your writing skills. For instance Zinsser expresses that there isn’t a correct form of writing and that everyone is different (which I agree a hundred percent on). All good writers are different and many probably weren’t good a writing when they first started, but they practiced! Like anyone of my coaches has ever said, practice makes perfect and that can be applied to anything you set your mind to. But with writing remember you maybe writing something for someone but at the end you are writing it for yourself so make it a piece of you. Being relaxed and confident with what you put down is “major key” (DJ Khaled voice). With this let me leave you with some suggestions to makes sure your writing fits you and looks presentable.

  1. clear your head from clutter
  2. sometimes less is more
  3. always reread what you write

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