Examining My Favorite Blogs


I have to admit I may be a little biased when it comes to this blog only because its my fathers’ website and my cousin is the blogger. But besides that I really do enjoy these blogs because they can help anyone with decorating problems decorate a house in a few days. There are great tips to help make your dream house come true for less than the price of paying someone to do it for you. The tone is me-lo throughout the blogs creating a warming feeling for the readers.


This is a very informative blog only towards heat/basketball fans. It keep me informed on the injuries and sometimes daily life of the players and how they prepare for a game. This blog also lets me see scores from previous games and games that are being played at the moment. They update it every so often with different fun facts and plays that caught people eyes.



These blogs are always great! They aren’t just normal blogs they are instead videos explaining the different products and surf that you can see in South Florida. Very informative on the surf in florida from the calm days with paddle boards to the 5 ft waves and riding short boards. They do it all to get you ready for the beach or any beach adventure. The language is more relaxed and at some points exciting.



Being a sneaker head and yes I realized I used that term makes this blog amazing. Nike does a great job keeping new releases updated and even informing the buyers what shoes to get and not to get. This blog is very greeting if you know shoes and lets you learn more and window shop for the fun, while it update pretty frequently. Always has the newest shoes to see and sometime even rare shoes that you can’t get your hands on even if you wanted to. A sneaker heads paradise to put it in short terms.



This blog is very resourceful when it comes to nature and traveling. The blogger keeps a positive vibe making anyone who reads it feel helped and not stressed. Lets face it traveling is a lot of money and planning but Matt basically makes it painless to do. He’s been doing it for 7 years and helping others along the way.



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