How To Become A Winner With Zinsser

The first two parts to On Writing Well by Zinsser are great for anyone that loves to write  by informing the reader whats good to use in writing and whats not. Reading further into the book though with part three you learn the different forms of writing and how they fit different individuals. Sometimes of writing I am going to talk about are writing about yourself, places, humans and by far the easiest one humor.

Zinsser has different ways that will help an individual succeed in these types of writings. First we are going to talk about writing about yourself. Writing about yourself can be fun because you know the most about yourself creating a different feel when you write. Zinsser says be unique and to make your paper you. Another type of writing is writing about another human. Writing about someone else can be tricky because you can’t add in your stories but only ones they give to you. The best way to get good at writing about others is by interviewing them according Zinsser. Interviewing at first can be challenging trying to figure out the correct questions to ask before meeting him/her. But in the long run the more times you interview people the better you get making you feel more relaxed to write. Third Im going to change the order up and talk about humor which is the easiest one (in my opinion). Zinsser specifies that when you write humor it needs to be funny. I know that sounds like a given but some people just can’t get others to laugh as much. Humor is everywhere and if you can make someone laugh I recommend to do it cause it could brighten  someones day. With humor there are always different things people look for whether its dry humor like Napoleon Dynamite or in-your-face humor such as Jack Ass. But be yourself and let your humor talk cause than people get to know you better. Finally I wanna talk about writing about places which seems easy but can actually be stressful. Writing about places you always wanna talk about the building or spot your at but you also wanna talk about the scenery. When I mean scenery discuss what the weather is like, how people are interacting, and especially what you smell. When you add in smell it lets the people think what could remind them of this. For example every time I wake up in the morning the first thing that hits me is the warm smell of the fresh baked pastries from apple pies to homemade butter croissants. Little hints here and there can really expand someones interest in your story.

Reading Zinsser has opened my mind to actually wanting to write more showing the creativity I have. Being asked what type of writer am I is a great question but I couldn’t tell what I am. I like writing about anything that interest me which is a lot of stuff. But if I had to pick something it probably about humor or places. A lot of people would probably say they like to write about themselves to feel more comfortable but why do that when you expand your style. Fear is the best motivation so trying to do something new that scares you at some points could actually help you relax more with other types of writing. But this being said if I could be come a blogger what would I do? I would blog/podcast about music and the different artist. Music will never die so this would give me so many choices to pick and write/talk about.

“I’ll say things that are serious and put them in a joke form so people can enjoy them. We laugh to keep from crying.” Kanye West


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