In The Eyes Of The Camera

I have been reading a lot about photography and how complicated it can be for many people to get a good picture. Many people think you need the best technology to take a good picture but that is not always true, technology is so advanced most phones can take amazing shots. If you wanna know the truth about photography just keep it simple in this case less is more. Using an iPhone isn’t bad at all in some cases it can be best choice sometimes because it is always on you, so you can capture everything. But when capturing the shot with a phone, soft lighting is probably the way to go. Soft lighting can come from light shining through a window or even from light shining of a piece of card board. Even though soft lighting is usually the best for most shots, lighting in general can make or break a picture. I’m going to explain 10 steps that will help you become a better photographer.

  1. Simplify the Scene
    • Less is more because it create more attention to the main object in the photo.
  2. Fill the frame
    • Even though less is more you need to make sure the screen is filled creating no blank spaces in your shot.
  3. Aspect ratio
    • Try to take shots both vertically and horizontally creating a different perspective to the shot.
  4. Avoid the middle
    • Known as the rule of thirds. This makes you put the object in the corners/sides creating depth.
  5. Leading Lines
    • Lines can lead you on a path to the main object if they are curved or make you look at a different perspective depending on the style they are in.
  6. Using Diagonals
    • Different lines such as vertical or horizontal can change the way someone views the photo by either creating a calm feel from horizontal lines or even stability from a vertical ones.
  7. Space to Move
    • Cause the photographer is static the way he/she shoots something may not look static. An example is the ocean is still conveys movement by the different sets of waves coming one after the other.
  8. Backgrounds
    • Even though you are set on a object the backgrounds can help enhance your shot. If you can make a picture better trust me do it cause a picture says a 1,000 words.
  9. Creative with Colors
    • Primary colors are always a great way to make a picture pop because they draw the viewers eyes towards a certain space.
  10. Breaking the Rules
    • Like writing there is no correct way to take a photo it just depends on how the photographers what their shot to look.


Those ten rules will help any person becomes a better photographer but that doesn’t mean those are the only rules. To become a better photographer just do one thing for me go take pictures. Its like anything in life the way you get better is by practicing. Photography has a lot of parts to it from taking the photo to even editing like with Instagram. Instagram gives the normal person different filters to changed the way someone see the original photo. Some examples of different filters are:


Early bird: “When your summer glow isn’t quite there yet, and your selfies need a boost.”

Valencia: “Photos with dull, fine colors, like light pinks and other pastels. Valencia will pretty them right up.”

Rise: “Making skin look soft and smooth, or for adding that refreshing “morning” look”



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