The NY Fam

New York is a place like no other! Going to the Big Apple is always a great time especially if you are a huge people watcher like myself. But even though the city is great, coming up north to see my family and spend Easter with everyone is even better. Family is always an important part in my life so anytime we can get all 16 of us at one table I jump to action. This year was a little more special though because my grandparents decided to fly up and meet us all. I know what a lot of you are thinking my grandparents do that all the time but what you don’t know is my grandpa is 96 and my grandpa just turned 90 the week before. So to me if anyone can walk at the age let alone get on a plane and fly is amazing. Because my brother and I missed her birthday it was sad but cause the family was all there we decided to celebrate it all week (she was a little annoyed haha) but it turned out to be a great time.

IMG_3204       IMG_4353 - Version 2

The events didn’t stop there though! After celebrating an amazing lunch with my family we had to drive into the Bronx to watch my brother play college lacrosse. This was my first time seeing him play for his school and I was pretty excited to watch my little brother ball out on the field. Starting as a freshman is no easy task but also being the leading scorer is something else. Growing up we both played but I think every older brother would agree that they want there little brother to be better than them at that age and I can say he defiantly is. This easter only got better but not because we did more things but because the company I was with can’t be compared to anyone else. Family to me will always be a big place in my hear! So this easter was defiantly one for the books and I can only look forward to our next big family adventure.

IMG_4355 - Version 2


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