A Summer To Remember!

This past summer is defiantly one that I will always remember but not for something I achieved but for what my little brother achieved. After graduating high school my brother had two choices he could go to college as a regular student or PG (post grad) a year before college. He always wanted to play lacrosse in college just like I did but wanted to make sure he went to a good school as well. Taking this in mind he had many chances to play D1 lacrosse but the schools weren’t the right fit so he decided to do one last recruiting tournament at the Under Armor All american games where every kid was already recruited besides him. My family and I arrived in Maryland excited to see what was in store and what talent was here. The weather was perfect, 75 degrees and sunny which is anyones ideal climate to play in. My brother walked over to his team which was Team New England but what makes this funny was that my brother was the only kid not from the New England area. A Florida boy making the team isn’t common at all, its actually unheard of but he beat out 185 kids to make it. As he was gearing up my dad and I walked around to watch some teams and from sideline to sideline there was coaches everywhere.


We looked at each other in amaze never seeing so many coaches especially cause we have been to almost every big tournament in the country from when I was growing up. This could be the opportunity my little brother needs and we made sure he knew he had our full support no matter what, but I knew he would do what he does best and thats play lacrosse. What makes this experience so amazing for me though was not just watching him play but to know that he is better than I was at that age and for any older brother seeing his younger sibling accomplish such a great task makes it all worth it. But back to the story. The whistle blew to start the game as we where about to sit down to watch some great lacrosse. Once my brother got in you could look over at my mom and see how nervous she was which wasn’t an uncommon thing for her but the first time he touched the ball he had a time and room shot the stung the right corner taking the lead for his team. We all jumped up as we saw it and knew that this tournament was gong to find him a home to play at.

This goal was just the being of something special for him and the family as well. As the games went on the weather stayed the same and the talent got better playing teams from upstate New York, New jersey, and Maryland. He knew what was at stake and how he needed to handle it so we just let him do him but being family we had to coach him at different parts of the day for a second or two because thats what family does. After his games we went back to the hotel to shower and get ready for dinner. We had bunch of friends/coaches that played in the tournament so we all just went to dinner together and had a good time. My brother was just about to dig in to his cheeseburger when his phone rang saying unknown caller but we all knew this could be a coach trying to get a hold of him to we all yelled at him “ANSWER IT”. He answered it and walked away from the tables just a few minutes later he came back saying he just received and offer to play lacrosse and all I could remember was the big smile from my brother and how happy he looked. Being around him my whole life this moment was to spectacular to see my little brother playing lacrosse in college and doing what he loves to do is priceless. But fast forward to now he is the leading scorer for his team and also a two time rookie of the week for his conference making him a threat on the field. Family is the most important thing in life so hold on to it!


Examining My Favorite Blogs


I have to admit I may be a little biased when it comes to this blog only because its my fathers’ website and my cousin is the blogger. But besides that I really do enjoy these blogs because they can help anyone with decorating problems decorate a house in a few days. There are great tips to help make your dream house come true for less than the price of paying someone to do it for you. The tone is me-lo throughout the blogs creating a warming feeling for the readers.


This is a very informative blog only towards heat/basketball fans. It keep me informed on the injuries and sometimes daily life of the players and how they prepare for a game. This blog also lets me see scores from previous games and games that are being played at the moment. They update it every so often with different fun facts and plays that caught people eyes.



These blogs are always great! They aren’t just normal blogs they are instead videos explaining the different products and surf that you can see in South Florida. Very informative on the surf in florida from the calm days with paddle boards to the 5 ft waves and riding short boards. They do it all to get you ready for the beach or any beach adventure. The language is more relaxed and at some points exciting.



Being a sneaker head and yes I realized I used that term makes this blog amazing. Nike does a great job keeping new releases updated and even informing the buyers what shoes to get and not to get. This blog is very greeting if you know shoes and lets you learn more and window shop for the fun, while it update pretty frequently. Always has the newest shoes to see and sometime even rare shoes that you can’t get your hands on even if you wanted to. A sneaker heads paradise to put it in short terms.



This blog is very resourceful when it comes to nature and traveling. The blogger keeps a positive vibe making anyone who reads it feel helped and not stressed. Lets face it traveling is a lot of money and planning but Matt basically makes it painless to do. He’s been doing it for 7 years and helping others along the way.


The 5 Sites I Live On!

The Internet has so many sites and sources for information but why do I manly use just 5 of them? Do I need more? I will explain why these 5 sites are all I need for media and why they rise above other sites for me.


  • This site has it all! It offers news, satire, blogs, original content, culture, health, and etc..
  • It is available in many different languages from English to French and Arabic.
  • In 2015, The Huffington Post was nominated for the Responsible Media of the Year award at the British Muslim Awards.



  • Great for any knowledge of a business (FBI vs APPLE)
  • Has everything from politics, sports, tech, finance, and etc..
  • Simple design layout: meaning there isn’t a lot on the page but instead it makes your eye go for the news



  • The site was reportedly valued at around $850 million by Andreessen Horowitz.
  • BuzzFeed produces daily content, in which the work of staff reporters, contributors, syndicated cartoon artists.



  • Great website to find a job, education  or even something you interested in.
  • Kind of set up similar to Facebook but with less items on the sides.
  • Has it own twitter and Instagram account


  • Great for big new events always on the front page.
  • The site is updated basically every hour with a new article.
  • Their site is also in the UK as well as Canada

Journalism 3 Ways

In “The Elements of Journalism”here are 3 articles that really stood out to me!

Inviting Viewers to Enter the Newsroom by Forrest Carr (11)

Carr in the beginning of the article is asked “What are you doing to hang on to viewers?”. The reason he was asked that is because viewers are starting to abandon local tv news. Carr didn’t have anything to really tell people besides that viewers think  they are arrogant, shallow, career-climbing cretins with no respect for anyone’s rights, feelings or human dignity which to me seems about right. To fix this problem Forrest and KGUN9-TV in Tucson, Arizona created the Viewers’ Bill of Rights. The Viewers’ Bill of Rights takes the input thats received from the audience an what there expert opinion is and makes the news more enjoyable for the audience. They were one out of two that invited viewers to give strong feedback. With the feedback it gives the people a voice in the media to set different public policies. KGUN9 with this feedback got the highest quality award from the Excellence in Journalism for their half-hour newscast.

In Crisis, Journalists relinquish Independence by Ying Chan (17) 

“As journalists, we know what is required to retain our independence. Except for causes directly related to our profession, we don’t join organizations or serve on boards. We report on protest marches and demonstrations; we don’t join them.” Chan says this because as many people like to believe they choose one side or the other not given each side a chance. Journalism can be one of or even the most stressful job because it makes a journalist think is the story he tells going to satisfy one side or another. He goes on into saying that supporting diversity is the only way to makes sure each side has its balance and not be considered bias on any means. “Journalists cannot be true believers. Rather we are perpetual sojourners, restless and undomesticated. In pursuit of stories, our paths often cross with freedom fighters, especially in situations of extreme oppression.”

Retaining Independence Isn’t Easy for Journalists by Robert Blau (18)

Blau opens up the article by saying “early in his tenure as a Chicago Bull, Michael Jordan asked reporters for a favor: He would appreciate if they wouldn’t reveal that he had a child, since he wasn’t married. Many of the writers already knew this but didn’t mention it because they didn’t want to alienate one of the greatest athletes of the century. They liked him. They wanted to be liked by him . And they needed him.” The reason he says this is because if a journalist can get a story before another one does it usually a guarantee success. People are people and everyone wants to be treated with respect so just cause you have a job at hand doesn’t mean you can’t be a grown up about it. Not only does this happen with athletes but with judges and politics. “Beyond that, there must be a sense that our job is different from those of the people we cover, that people are going to be mad at us, that comfort lies in the shared ideals and ethics of the newsroom and not at the feet of the best to play the game.”

Fact + Fiction= Journalism?

Even though Journalism is defined by “gathering, processing, and dissemination of news, and information related to news, to an audience” is it actually true? Yes and No! When you read something now a days it could be a false statement or something that is actually a fact. With the media they are starting to crack down on the sources that are not reality. An example of how media has changed and benefited others with facts is Wikipedia. Wikipedia a few years ago was a site anyone could post on with no background of the info on the page making it an uncredited source, but in recent years they fixed the loop holes making any posts fact checked before being published. News being mainly digitally now means everyone is posting stuff and becoming journalists. In the article, Kovach and Rosenstiel discuss how two well known news papers such as the New York Times and the Washington Post quoted the same guy but both had a different quote than the other. Even though one word changed the whole quote, it changes the whole result and leave readers to think which paper has the right quote?


Just like how high school was with spreading rumors different individuals think its funny to spread the wrong info creating an uneasy feeling for some people when they actually look for the correct news. Back when all media was print you could basically believe what you read because no one was going to falsify there data than print hundreds of copies. Print media is more reliable in my eyes but with everything being time related (strict deadlines), I think the internet is the best for all information. At the end of the day just make sure you fact check what you read so you aren’t the kid spreading a media rumor.


Just Google it

Carr in “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” talks about how the internet is making peoples attention spans a lot smaller. Now a days people can’t go more than a few minutes with out wanting to figure out a question that bothered them. Instead of taking the time to research info like reading a book or finding a newspaper article relating to a certain topic, you can just go on your phone or computer and type your question revealing the answer in seconds. Creating this type of technology does make researching things easy but at the end of the day does it make us “the people” dumber? Being dumb in some ways means “able only to transmit data to or receive data from a computer” but if you are able to comprehend the data does that make you dumb as well? The internet is saving people time with how fast it responds to your question. People are reading more than before and are also learning more because they can get sources from around the world and not just their library.


So no I don’t think we are becoming dumber but in actuality becoming smarter, gaining info that we didn’t know was there. If anything we as a society could be getting lazier to find our research but at the end it saves time. At any level of work from middle school to the real world, time isn’t always friendly when it comes to deadlines. Google is used every day, its basically part of some peoples lives but ask yourself this next time you use google, did it make you dumber or did you actually learn something?




Not only is digital media instantly accessible, it is now completely customizable. From Apple’s News app that allows the user to pick the types and sources of their news, to book lists on the Kindle, to music and playlists on our laptops, to our feeds on Netflix, customizable digital media has now become a way of life. We are able to represent ourselves as individuals through our media by sharing our own on social media. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have shaped the way we live, even creating some online “stars”. Is it the convenience and ability to access anything we want within seconds? Maybe it’s the the fact that we have the ability to share everything we like with our friends. Maybe it isn’t just with our friends – Digital Media has helped spark globalization and allows us to share with the world. We can read, listen, analyze, share, and compete all through digital media.

Analog media is slowly become a way of the past. Yes, there are some that still enjoy a  book with actual pages, a newspaper, or a cassette, but if you asked Generation Z what those were, I don’t think they would know. Whether we all like it or not, analog media seems like it’s going to end up in museums next to hieroglyphics and spears. article-0-165CCB8A000005DC-601_634x420